jeremyMy name is Jeremy. I created weightgainpro.com because I know how difficult it can be to gain weight. I have had trouble gaining weight just like you have.

My challenge to gain weight was more difficult than yours. This is because, first I am naturally thin an ectomorph and second 2 weeks after I was born I had an operation on my intestines.

All throughout the time I was growing up I had diarrhea because my intestines were sensitive. I lifted weights which helped, but I had to make sure I kept eating otherwise my body would not have the nutrients it needed to repair and build muscle.

I would eat and eat and then later have diarrhea. The food needed to stay in my body longer.

It wasn’t until later in my 30’s I discovered that my intestines were sensitive to the cold.

In America everything is refrigerated. Sometimes I would go to a Chinese restaurant and with the food have tea. I noticed after that, that my bowels were more solid. I started drinking more hot drinks.

Even now many years later I drink coffee in the morning and tea during the day.

During the summer I have room temperature drinks and even add ice, but if I do that too long, then I get diarrhea again. During the winter it has to be all hot drinks.

During this time I have gained weight, I’m at around 150 pounds, I used to be 130. The key was eating enough calories and lifting weights.

If I can gain weight with my intestinal problems, you certainly can. The 1st step is to eat more food than you burn off in a day.

From my research try CB1 because it will increase your appetite making you hungrier and it will slow down your metabolism so you won’t burn off the calories too fast.

To your weight gain success.