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Don’t you just hate seeing other women having firm, sexy butts? Don’t you wish you had a behind similar to that of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, or even that of Scarlett Johansson?

Some may not admit it, but most women with sagging buttocks are insecure with their bodies. They wish they had a more prominent behind because it boosts their self-confidence.

After all, women with big butts look appealing no matter what they wear. They can also attract the attention of men anywhere they may be.

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On the other hand, we tend to associate sagging buttocks to women who are unhealthy and unattractive.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to say that women with small bum problems would rather not talk about their butts, or its lack of mass.

If you’re one of those people who wish you had a bigger butt, I have some good news for you. I have found a product that can give you a sexier behind, without putting you at risk of any side effects.

Gluteboost Pills and Cream Reviewsgluteboost-bottle

Gluteboost is an all-natural butt enhancement product. It can increase the size of your butt by up to 40 percent.

How fast does Gluteboost work?

You can see Gluteboost results in as little as 4 weeks. What’s more intriguing with this product is you don’t have to change your diet or hit the gym in order to see results.

It is manufactured and distributed by the company.

Here are some of its key features:

⦁ It is available in two forms—pill and cream
⦁ It is made of all-natural ingredients like soy extract, maca root, fenugreek, and saw palmetto, among others.
⦁ It is safe with little known side effects

It was made to provide a safe and effective solution to the small bum problems of women. With it, women will now have a better chance of getting a bigger butt.

If you’re wondering how to use Gluteboost, then you should know that you have to take the pills once a day. As for the cream, you can apply it on your behind once in the morning and then again at night.

Expected Results

before-and-afterThe manufacturer says that results may become apparent in as little as 4 weeks. But there are some instances when the results will only become noticeable in 3 months.

My friends wife, who has given birth to three children, wanted to try this. She’s been a bit insecure with the lack of size of her butt. She ordered for herself six months worth of the pills and cream.

She took the Gluteboost pills once a day during the first month. She only started using Gluteboost cream on the second month.

There was no noticeable improvement after the first month. But she said that she was experiencing some mild swelling in her butt and thighs. She was hopeful, so she continued using it even though there were no gains yet.

It was during the second month when things started to change. Her hips/butt measured around 35 inches before starting.

On the second month, it grew to around 37-38 inches. What’s more impressive here is that she didn’t change her diet, or hit the gym at all. She just took the pills regularly.

By the middle of the second month, she was convinced that this product would make a difference. So she ordered the cream and applied it to her buttocks before hitting the sack.

gluteboost-creamAs for her cream review, she says she finds the cream a good complement to the pills.

Five months after first taking it, my friends wife’s butt is now around 40 inches. I’ve noticed it too, as her back is now a lot sexier.

She says she aims to hit 42 inches, and I think she will be able to hit that goal.

Moreover, there were no Gluteboost side effects. She didn’t experience any side effects when she took the pills or applied the cream.

So, now her behind has gone from 35 to 40 inches thanks to Gluteboost pills before and after use.


This butt enhancer has 12 ingredients designed to trim unwanted fat and increase the size of a person’s butt.

These include saw palmetto, Maca root, and soy. These natural ingredients all work together to promote butt muscle growth.

Other Gluteboost ingredients—wild yam, fenugreek and dong quia—increase the amount of fat storage in the butt so it will become bigger.

gluteboost-ingredientsThen six other ingredients (citrius bioflavonoids, rosehip, dandelion, tyrosine, genistein, and watercress extract) work together to trim unwanted fats around the body and make a person look sexier.

The Gluteboost cream has two key ingredients—volufiline and voluplus. These are patented ingredients that have been clinically proven effective in stimulating fat cells.

So your butt can grow larger and denser. It also has ingredients like watercress extract, aloe vera, and cocoa butter that can make the skin look smoother and firmer.

Does Gluteboost Really Work?

Based on the experience of my friends wife as well as the numerous reviews particularly on, I can confidently say that it works as advertised by its manufacturer.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

If you go over to, you will find that there are lots of positive customer Gluteboost reviews.

One of the top rated reviews on about this product was written by a lady who admits not having the sexiest of butts.

She said it only took 28 days for the product to increase the size of her butt. In fact, she said she had to buy new underwear because it made her bum bigger.

More intriguing was her revelation that her boobs became perkier after she started using it. She attributes it to the Maca root herb included in the pill.

Pros and Cons

how-gluteboost-worksThe following are some of the advantages of taking Gluteboost Pills and Cream:

⦁ You don’t need to work out or change your diet in order to have sexier buttocks
⦁ It is safe, with little known side effects
⦁ You don’t need to go through expensive procedures and butt injections
⦁ It won’t interfere with your daily activities
⦁ It can even boost the size of your boobs
⦁ It doesn’t mess with your menstrual period
⦁ You can have a sexier behind in a couple of months after taking the pills
⦁ It is easy to use/take

However, you might have to deal with some disadvantages such as:

⦁ You’ll have to take/consume a few bottles before the results become apparent
⦁ You’ll have to shop for new pants really soon

You may want to compare Gluteboost pills side effects with other brands.

What to Watch Out For

The pills may seem like your typical multivitamins but be wary—they smell a bit. Many customer reviews reveal that the pills have a pungent and organic scent.

Some even have to plug their nose and chug water right away. But that’s a minor issue which you should be able to deal with especially if you are determined to have a sexy behind.

Now you may ask—where can I buy Gluteboost?

10-percent-discountThis supplement can be purchased online. The safest place to order a bottle or more is from the manufacturer’s website.

Aside from being assured of the quality of the pills, you can also get substantial discounts when you order from this website.

For example, the company is offering a 10 percent discount to anyone who signs up for their monthly subscription plan.

The offer applies to all orders, so whether you buy the cream or just the pills, you’ll get a nice price reduction from the company.

While the Gluteboost price is pretty reasonable, who doesn’t want to get a discount, right?

It also offers a Butt Enhancing kit, which includes the pill, cream, and Maca Stack which contains pure Maca root.

According to the company, anyone can get a bigger butt fast when they use the products in the kit.

How much is Gluteboost?

A single bottle of pills costs $44.95. A month’s supply of the cream costs $29.95. I say it’s pretty reasonable given the amazing effects it can benefit your body.


sexy-buttsI’ve seen how it has done wonders to the body of my friends wife. These bigger buttocks pills have definitely made her behind more prominent.

She now has big buttocks, and I have to credit these buttock enhancement supplements for that.

She used to tell me that she used to dismiss buttocks pills because she doesn’t believe in these products. Now, she’s humming a different tune. And I can’t blame her because it has really made a difference.

So if I were you, I would give this product a try. It is not only affordable but also very easy to use. You don’t have to take two pills unlike other big buttock supplements.

Plus, you don’t have to change your diet or work hard in the gym just to achieve your goal of having a bigger behind.

After a few months of use, you can expect Gluteboost to make your butt a lot bigger.