How To Gain Weight For Men Fast and Quickly

We will look at the fastest way to gain weight sensibly. Yes, you can start to eat everything in sight, swallow down the fast food outlets several times a day.

Then slouch about on the couch, and make sure the only exercise you get is leaving the sofa to get to the fridge and snack cupboard, or using your index finger to switch channels on the TV remote.

These are sure-fire way to gain weight; weight in the form of unwanted fat, and the associated health problems this will bring with it.

To gain weight in a healthy and sensible way you need a plan and some structure. So we will consider the ways to go about this, and look at the quickest way to gain weight while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Understand why you are underweight

Before you set about putting weight on, it is important to understand why you are underweight in the first place.

This lack of weight can be caused by such things as a poor diet and bad eating habits. You may well be going far too long between meals, and when you do eat you are taking on board the wrong types of food.

If you are working out regularly, and you do not increase your food intake accordingly you are giving your body an energy deficit problem. Such a deficit will mean you lose weight.

Other reasons that will cause you to be underweight are if you have hormonal imbalances, diseases such as cancer or tuberculosis.

If you have recently suffered from a long illness there is a good chance that you will be suffering from bad absorption.

There are also eating disorders such as Bulimia or Anorexia Nervosa. If you feel this is your problem it is vital you seek expert medical help as quickly as possible.

Three things to put into action

The three things you must get right if you are to gain weight fast, but in the correct fashion are to address your diet.

Then establish a regular exercise plan, and supplement both of these with a top quality weight gaining formula like CB1 weight gain.

This formula is all-natural, and work to increase your appetite as well as slowing down your metabolism.

Let’s look at your diet and exercise needs to see how you can achieve the best results, and finish with why an all-natural supplement will enhance your weight gain efforts to no end.


It really is vital that you eat the right types of food. Stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods which are of little nutritional value will not achieve the type of weight gain you want.

You also need to increase the amount of meals you eat each day. Forget the ‘3 square meals’.

You should be looking for 5 or 6 meals every day. These meals may well be of smaller portions, but by eating in this way you are giving your body fuel on a constant basis.

Nutritional food that is high in calories

You need to be eating food which is high in calories, create a bulk up diet,  increase your intake of starchy foods.

Potatoes are an excellent example of this, and make sure you include food which contains healthy fats.

When you are looking at the fastest way to gain weight, some of the many foods that will help you are; Eggs, Cheese and Pasta. In the meat department you should be looking at ones that contain animal fats.

Red meats and Poultry are a real help when it comes to piling on healthy weight. Get into fish!

The vast majority of us are not eating anywhere near enough. Tuna is excellent as is Salmon and Cod, but there are lots of others that will do you the power of good.

Here is a snack and a fruit that should please you to no end!

Start eating wholewheat bread spread with peanut butter. When you understand that just one slice of this bread offers you 70 calories, and a serving of peanut butter gives you almost 190 calories.

You can see that you are consuming 260 calories with this simple to make, and delicious tasting snack.

Your desserts should be fruit, and you want to be eating at least 3 portions each day.

None of them will do you any harm, but things such as bananas at around 100 calories each are excellent. They are also rich in nutrients and carbohydrates.


You need to focus on specific exercise routines when you are looking at how to gain weight quickly. A balance of cardio and flexibility exercises along with weigh training is required.

It is important that you gradually start to lift heavier weights. This helps to build your lean muscle mass.

In terms of how to gain weight for men, you should take time out to understand what the snatches, clean jerks and big compound lifts can do for you.

They are highly effective in terms of larger muscles and additional body weight. If you have trouble building up your butt read our Gluteboost reviews, this pill and cream will make your butt bigger.

Plenty of proteins

You should also remember that if you want defined muscles along with your weight gain then proteins are the key.

They are the body’s building blocks of muscle. You will benefit from drinks and formulas which are protein based before and after your workouts.

Be sensible – increase your weight gradually

When you are looking at how to put on those extra lbs. the natural response is to rush at things like a bull in a china shop, this is understandable.

You are keen for goodness sake, you want and need to see that body transforming BUT, believe it or not the most effective and permanent way of gaining weight is to make sure you gain that weight gradually.

Slowly, Slowly, Catch the weight gain benefits!

Weight gain experts state that by increasing your calorie intake by 500 calories each and every day you will benefit in gaining 1lb of weight each week.

It is very important for you to understand that gradual weight gain is a far more sensible option than trying to rush things.

By building up your weight gradually you are making it permanent, and you are making yourself healthier.

Be wary of any of those ‘magical plans’ that claim to show you a fast way to gain weight.

They could well be showing you a way to perhaps put weight on temporarily but without structure. They are also leaving you open to possible downsides of such rapid weight increase.

Weight gain supplements

We will close by advising you to also look at all-natural weight gain supplements when you are searching for those additional pounds.

If you follow the diet and exercise recommendations above, and you include a weight gain supplement in your daily routine, you will find this is by far the fastest way to gain weight sensibly.