5 Mistakes To Avoid Before Buying CB1 Weight Gain Pills

It’s been weeks and you are still thinking about buying CB1 Weight Gainer pills. You are still the skinny guy everyone in the gym is bullying. You are starting to get frustrated, especially when you read testimonials of other CB1 Weight Gain users who have started to bulk up.

Don’t fret. Instead, review what you have been doing before you buy CB1 pills, as you might be committing the following mistakes that hinder you from gaining weight:

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You Are Not Eating Healthy

Maybe one of the reasons why you are not getting any increase in body weight is due to your poor eating habits. You may not be eating enough healthy foods to facilitate an increase in body mass. In order to put on extra pounds and use gain weight pills successfully, you have to eat foods that are energy and nutrient-dense.

Your diet should consist of natural foods that are rich in protein. As you may have learned from your gym buddies, protein is the essential building block of muscle growth. Thus you need to eat more lean red meat, seafood, milk, cheese, and yogurt.

You must also increase your intake of fruits like the super food avocado, which packs fiber and potassium. Or make your snacks more flavorful by slicing an apple and serving it with nut butter.

At the same time, you have to stay away from foods such as potato chips, sugar-sweetened beverages like sodas, unprocessed red meat, and processed meat. These foods will make you gain unhealthy fat, and not muscles that you want to have.

You Are Not Eating Enough Calories or Meals

Another probable reason why you are not gaining weight is that your calorie consumption is low. Your body needs a surplus of calories to build muscles, and the number of calories you have to get through food should be more than what your body can burn through workouts.

The best way to determine the amount of calories you need to gain weight is to multiply your body weight in pounds by 20. So if you are a 150 pound guy, you need to consume around 3,000 calories during workout days for muscle growth. During non-workout days, you can scale back to a lower calorie count.

Weight gainer powders can help you meet your caloric requirements each day. These CB1 weight gainer pills can give you an easy and quick way to get enough calories to maintain an ideal rate of weight gain.

Your body also needs protein during workout days and rest days to support the muscle building process. To determine the amount of protein that your body needs, simply multiply your weight by 1.5. Thus you need to get at least 225 grams of protein during training days.

You will also need to have enough fats each day. You must consume half of your body weight in grams of fat. Going back to your weight, you will need to get around 75 grams of fat every day.

You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

You are going to need to drink enough water when you start using this CB1 Weight Gain supplement which is found on Weight Gain Pro. While increased water intake is often associated with weight loss, it can also be beneficial for the body particularly in building muscles and bulking up.

Hydration is important especially during training days. One study that was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that a tiny 1.5 decrease in water retention can yield a decrease in muscle strength for one repetition of a bench press. So you would have to keep yourself hydrated during training days to maintain your strength and build more muscles over the long haul.

The amount of water in the cells also plays a huge role in muscle breakdown, which can hinder muscle growth. In a study published in the Biochemistry Journal, researchers said that low water levels can result to shrinking of muscle cells.

Of course, you wonder how many glasses of water you need to drink every day. The usual answer would be eight glasses, but that may not be enough for you during workout days. Fitness experts suggest that you should drink at least one liter for every one thousand calories that you burn daily.

You Are Not Using a Tape Measure

We usually measure our weight by using a weighing scale. But you may not be tracking your progress well if you are only relying on this tool. You might want to use a tape measure instead to see how far you’ve gone in terms of your weight gains.

There are several reasons why if you want real CB1 weight gainer results after you buy, you can’t trust a weighing scale all the time. For instance, your weight would vary by several pounds depending on factors like the time of the day. You’ll surely be at your lightest in the morning because you haven’t eaten at all. That may be a factor why it appears you haven’t gained any weight since the last time you had your weight measured.

The best way to monitor your weight gaining pills results is to use a measuring tape. You should record your measurements such as your upper arms, waist, chest, hips, calf, and thigh. Keep track of these measurements in your notebook at the start of your weight gain journey, and at various intervals along the way.

You Are Not Lifting Weights

The last probable reason why your weight gain efforts have not produced the results you expect is your reluctance to lift weights. No matter how long you are going to use CB-1 pills, you won’t bulk up if you don’t lift weights regularly.

Lifting weights can help you put on more lean muscle and decrease your body fat. It can also boost your testosterone levels if you are a man, which helps you quickly gain more muscle. Testosterone is the hormone that promotes muscle growth, thus you’ll be able to pack on more muscle if you regularly lift weights.

These are five common mistakes skinny people make who complain that their weight gain efforts have failed to help them put on some extra pounds. Start avoiding these mistakes before you know where to buy CB-1 weight gain pills and you’ll surely see an improvement in your body weight in the next few weeks.