BSN True Mass Protein Weight Gainer Review

true-massIn general, there are two types of people who wish to gain weight. One type is the budding bodybuilders, who wish to become stronger and develop bigger muscles. These are the people who want to grow muscles because their job requires it (athletes, for example) or
because they just want to look good.

The other type of people who wish to become heavier are the folks who simply won’t gain a pound regardless of how much they eat.

For many bodybuilders, simply eating and lifting weights aren’t enough. The gains are too slow, which is why anabolic steroids remain popular today despite the health risks. But for others, the only way that makes sense when augmenting diet and exercise is by taking the right supplements.

And that brings us to the True Mass weight gainer. It’s not just something you take to gain weight. It’s what you take to gain muscles, and that’s a healthier prospect altogether. It’s designed for post-workout recovery, and you can also take it not just as a meal supplement but as an occasional meal replacement.
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Different Types You Must Know About

One of the first things you need to find out from any BSN True Mass review is the caloric and nutritional content. But it’s not really that simple. The nutrition facts change depending on the flavor you pick.

Each serving of the supplement is 165 grams, and here are the nutrition facts for each flavor:

· Vanilla. Calories, 710. Total fat, 17g. Saturated fat, 47g. Sodium, 400mg. Potassium, 700mg. Total carbohydrates, 90g. Sugars, 14g. Protein, 50g. Calcium 50% daily value. Iron 4%. Phosphorus 40%. Magnesium 10%.

· Strawberry. Calories, 710. Total fat, 17g. Saturated fat, 4g. Sodium, 300mg. Potassium, 700mg. Total carbs, 90g. Sugars 15g. Protein, 50g. Calcium 35% daily value. Iron 4%. Phosphorus 40%. Magnesium 10%.

· Cookies and Cream. Calories, 700. Total fat, 17g. Saturated fat, 4g. Sodium, 300mg. Potassium, 700mg. Total carbs, 90g. Sugars, 18g. Protein, 46g. Calcium 50% daily value. Iron 4%. Phosphorus 40%. Magnesium 10%.

· Choco Peanut Butter. Calories, 710. Total fat, 18g. Saturated fat, 4g. Sodium, 580mg. Potassium, 900mg. Total carbs, 88g. Sugars, 18g. Protein, 48g.Calcium 50% daily value. Iron 4%. Phosphorus 40%. Magnesium 10%.

· Chocolate. Calories, 700. Total fat, 17g. Saturated fat, 4g. Sodium, 300mg. Potassium, 900mg. Total carbs, 90g. Sugars, 14g. Protein, 46g.Calcium 50% daily value. Iron 4%. Phosphorus 50%. Magnesium 25%.

· Banana. Calories, 700. Total fat, 17g. Saturated fat, 4g. Sodium, 600mg. Potassium, 800mg. Total carbs, 90g. Sugars, 15g. Protein, 48g. Calcium 50% daily value. Iron 4%. Phosphorus 40%. Magnesium 10%.

There’s 0g in trans fat, and dietary fibers content is 6g for all flavors. It offers 20g of naturally occurring EAAs (essential amino acids) and 10g of naturally occurring BCAAs (Branched chain amino acids) per serving.

There is another type of this product, technically speaking, and that’s the True-Mass 1200. This isn’t a BSN True Mass 1200 review, but we can tell you that the 1200 version packs a monster load of 1220 calories with 220g of carbs to go along with the 50g of protein. As you can immediately tell, this one has a rather high ratio of carbs to protein in one serving.

Should You Worry About Side Effects

Are there any BSN side effects? So many people don’t take steroids for fear of the side effects, so it doesn’t make sense to shift to the protein drink if it causes serious side effects as well.

Fortunately, it doesn’t really cause serious side effects at all.

The main problem is if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. It contains milk, egg, wheat and soy (lecithin). And it’s been manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing milk, egg, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts, and peanut flavor.

Another potential problem is if you actually use it as a meal replacement on a full time basis. That can give you serious problems, as it does not offer all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need. It’s much better as a supplement and for the occasional meal replacement. If your diet is insufficient for your caloric intake needs, then it’s excellent in picking up the slack.

Just don’t take any protein shake at all if you have some sort of kidney problem. Those with kidney problems often require less protein, so you need a doctor’s input before you try protein supplements and you have a kidney problem.

How Does It Compare to Other Protein Drinks

In a potential True Mass vs Syntha 6 matchup, the protein content is pretty much comparable. But the main difference here is that Syntha 6 contains mainly protein only. It has negligible amounts of carbs and fats. The carbs and fats offer the energy and fuel you need so that you can exercise more effectively. Your body becomes more able to lift heavier weights for longer periods of time, and you need less time to recover.

With Syntha 6, you have an excellent protein supplement and a great drink for post-workout recovery. It does these things to, but it also supplements any caloric deficiency you may experience with your diet.

The True Mass vs Serious Mass may also be considered an “apples to oranges” comparison. Serious Mass packs the carbs content like the 1200, as it offers 1,250 calories. But because it offers 250 carbs, the carb to protein ratio is at 5 to 1, which is a far cry to the ration of less than 2 to 1.

Serious Mass also contains creatine, which has serious side effects. While it offers more energy, you increase the risk of bloating, dehydration and cramping. Getting off creatine can make you lethargic, and its long term effects are unknown.


So should you get this weight gain drink as a supplement? It all depends on your calorie and nutritional requirements.

You will need something else if you need more protein only, or if you need more carbs only. If you’re planning to supplement your intake of protein, carbs, and healthy fats, then this is an excellent choice.