Fastest Way To Get a Bigger Booty: 5 Proven Tips

Weight Gain

fastest way to get a bigger bootyIt used to be that only skinny women were considered sexy. However, it’s no longer about being thin and having a flat tummy. Having all the right curves is now the new sexy. So if you want to look great, then you need to try the fastest way to get a bigger booty.

Fastest Way to Get a Bigger Booty – Ranked from Fastest to Slowest

1. Surgery and Injections

For the top ways to get a bigger booty, surgery and fillers are your best options. Butt augmentation procedures are generally less risky nowadays. Thanks to recent improvements in technology, going under the knife is now safer.

Going under the knife will let you increase your buttocks without serious diet and exercise. The doctors will use any of two techniques: fat grafting and implants.

bigger butt injectionYou can choose between the two with the help of your surgeon to ensure that you’ll get the results you want.

Fat grafting is the method where by your butt gets extra fat by transferring some fat from other parts of your body to your bottom. This is a more complicated method but it can also help improve the appearance of your other body parts, so it’s not so bad, really.

If you go for implants, you’ll be getting something extra introduced to your system. Silicone implants are often used because they’re safe and are firm so they can hold their shape for a long time.

However, it usually takes 3 months to start seeing results, so it might not be as instant as you’d want it to be.

Butt injections and fillers, on the other hand, are safer and faster methods of increasing your booty’s size. You’ll also get instant results from this technique without any down time as it is a non-invasive procedure.

The downside here is all methods can be pricey. So unless you have a lot of extra cash, you might want to settle for a method that’s a bit slower than these two.


2. CB1 Weight Gainer and Gluteboost

Weight gainer supplements are the next best things to turn to if you want a fuller bottom in a short span of time. In fact, many people say that if you want to know how to get bigger buttocks fast in a week, this is the way to go.

cb1 weight gainerCB1 Weight Gainer is a product by Supragenix that is designed to help you gain weight. It’s basically an appetite stimulant and carbohydrate-supplement that is crafted for hardgainers.

Made from herbal ingredients, you’re guaranteed that it won’t introduce lots of harmful chemicals to your system.

This product works thanks to the isobutylamides in its Echinacea angustifolia ingredient. This packs in concentrated carbohydrates in a supplement, letting you “carbo-load” in a flash.

By stimulating your appetite and slowing down your metabolism, your body can also be triggered to store more fat, nutrients, and calories from the food that you eat. These also help you in gaining weight, which can really come in handy if you want a bigger booty.

gluteboost pillsGluteboost, on the other hand, is a special butt enhancement pill. It has been on the market for years and with so many success stories to tell.

It works by targeting your butt for fat storage and muscle building. By directing fat storage to your bottom, it helps increase your butt size immediately.

The first thing you need to know about this product is that it has all-natural ingredients. They’re somewhat similar to the ones found in breast enhancing pills.

Both body parts have protruding subcutaneous fat over a muscle area, though. So it actually makes sense that the same ingredients can increase the size of both.

The brand’s proprietary blend of ingredients also helps encourage new fats to be stored in the buttocks. This is the pill’s primary function.

However, some also like that it helps in muscle recovery and growth. Combined with exercise, you can even see better results with this supplement.


3. Big Butt Exercises

You can also perform some specific butt exercises to get a bigger booty. The idea here is to tone the gluteal muscles that sit right under the subcutaneous fat that makes bottoms plump.

bigger booty exercisesDoing this will raise the adipose tissue in the area, giving you a rounder and fuller buttocks. Combining this with a bit of weight gain can really help give your bottom more definition.

However, losing weight can be detrimental to its shape and size. As mentioned above, a plump butt is really due to fat stored in this particular area. So, if you lose weight, the fat can also go away, leaving you with a non-existent bottom again.

Exercise will help a good deal, though. Routines like lunges, glute bridges, squats, dead lifts, and hip thrusts can really help you bulk up your glute muscles. It will then help push your butt fat out.

Your toned muscles can also design the definition of your booty. So if you want it rounder, you’ll need to do more butt exercises.

However, it takes a while for the muscles to get toned and bigger, though, so patience is a must.


4. Big Butt Diet

There are also certain foods that you can eat to get a bigger booty. Load up your diet with bigger booty dietthese and your butt will increase in size after a while:

⦁ Nuts
⦁ Quinoa
⦁ Fish
⦁ Eggs
⦁ Chicken
⦁ Spinach
⦁ Avocado
⦁ Oatmeal
⦁ Brown rice
⦁ Sweet potatoes
⦁ Greens


5. What to Avoid If You Want a Bigger Booty

If you’ll ask some experts, the fastest way to get a bigger booty is by doing things right and not rushing the results.

If you want a bigger booty, you should follow the instructions properly. You need precision to sculpt and tone your bottom, so you should tread with care.

To help you avoid losing your progress, here are a few things you shouldn’t do to increase your booty:

⦁ Crash diets. This will make you lose stored fat, which is essential for your butt size. Avoid at all costs.

⦁ Over or under-training. You need the right amount of physical activity to tone your muscles. Don’t push yourself too hard and lose your progress by not recovering. You should also always do the right amount of work, so your glute muscles will grow.

⦁ Doing too much cardio. Cardio is for weight loss, so while you need to burn your calories, do it in moderation so you can keep some fat in your butt.

⦁ Not paying attention to your proper form while working out. Doing this will tone the wrong muscles, leaving you in bad shape.

What you should do, however, is to combine all or some of the given techniques above. All of these tips can increase your chances of getting a larger butt.