Is CB1 Weight Gainer Safe

Weight Gain

Today we are going to look at how safe it is to take CB1 weight gainer pills. These supplements are used to increase your appetite and to slow down your metabolism.

They have become very popular during the last few years so I wanted to take a nitty gritty look at all aspects of safety when using this product.

Are CB1 Weight Gainer Ingredients Safe

The most important aspect of safety when it comes to supplements is the ingredients. CB1 contains natural herbs plus vitamins and minerals. The herbs are used to stimulate the cb1 receptor in your brain. When this is done it will cause your appetite to be increased.

Because the herbs are all natural there is no danger, and there are no side effects other than stimulating your appetite so that you will feel hungrier. When you feel hungrier you will eat more and this will cause you to gain weight.

The safest way to eat more is to eat healthy foods such as chicken, beef, fish, eggs, whole bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts. Do not eat more by eating junk food.

Is the CB1 Bottle Child Proof

By this question I was thinking whether or not the bottle was child proof. Basically what you do is you just turn the top of the bottle and open it. You do not need to push the top cap down first and twist it. So this would mean the bottle is not child proof.

This is important to know because sometimes children will open a bottle thinking that maybe they found some candy. Children are curious and like to investigate and look into things.

If they see a bottle which is new for them they may open it out of curiosity. When they see what is inside they will want to grab it and maybe put it in their mouth.

So make sure to keep any bottles which are not child proof away from children where they are not able to reach it. Such as in a cabinet which is high up above them.

Is It Safe To Swallow The Pills

Generally CB1 capsules are safe to swallow for men, women, the elderly, and teenagers. Just take one capsule in your mouth and place it on your tongue. Then take a normal mouth full of water and swallow the pill and the water at the same time.

You may want to slightly tilt your head back to help the capsule go down. Sometimes when I try to swallow a pill if I do not tilt my head back then only the water in my mouth is swallowed and the pill is left in my mouth.

If that does not work then you can also try increasing the amount of water you take into your mouth. Plus you can also try to jerk your head back at the same time as you swallow.

This will create momentum and force the pill to the back of your throat where you would then have an easier time of swallowing it.

Is It Safe To Take CB1 For 3 Months Or More

When gaining weight you want to gain weight little by little. Gaining weight too fast is not a good idea. Because this will increase the likelyhood that you will be gaining fat.

Remember CB1 increases your appetite which makes you hungrier and then you will eat more.

Feeling hungry is perfectly safe and it is actually healthy and normal. Remember when you were sick with a bad cold or with the flu.

You probably lost your appetite and lost some weight. When you became healthy again your appetite came back and you ate more. You probably felt that the food tasted great.

So taking CB1 for at least 3 months following their instructions is probably a good idea. You need to feel hungry long enough to keep eating so you will gain the weight you want.

Once you reach the weight you want you can cut back on stimulating your appetite and just maintain the weight you have.

Is It Okay To Eat Right After Taking CB1 Pills

The answer is, yes. But there is a problem with this approach. It will cause CB1 to not work very well for you and you will have wasted your money and effort. You need to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes after you swallow according to our full CB1 review.

Once you take the pill into your body, your body needs time to digest it in your stomach. After that it does to your intestines where it is absorbed into your blood. After that it must go to the cb1 receptor in the brain where the receptor is stimulated making you feel hungry.

If you eat right after taking the capsule you will not feel as hungry as you could be if you were to wait 20 to 30 minutes. By waiting for the supplement to be absorbed you will eat even more than you would because you feel very hungry now.

Is It Alright To Take CB1 Pills Right After You Wake Up In The Morning

This supplement is made up of natural herbs and vitamins and minerals which your body needs. If you take it in the morning right after you wake up just make sure to take it with some water or juice. You should know your own stomach and what your stomach can handle in the morning.

It might be a good idea to wait 30 minutes in order to give your body some time to get going. But that is up to you. CB-1 will not hurt you if you take it 5 minutes after you wake up.

It may even work better because there is nothing in your stomach. So more of the ingredients will be absorbed into your body in a pure form instead of mixing with any existing food in your stomach.

Is CB1 Safe For Skinny Kids To Take

The short answer is yes. Some kids because of their body type are naturally more slim and have a smaller frame. Their metabolism is higher than someone with a larger body type. There are 3 body types ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

The ectomorph is a lean and long person who usually has difficulty building muscle. So this type of person would benefit by increasing their appetite in order to gain weight.

Kids are normally very active which means they burn up a lot of calories so they need to have a good appetite in order to replace those calories which they used.

Is CB1 Fine For The Elderly To Take

Yes the elderly can take this appetite supplement safely. With age the metabolism does slow down and they are not as active. This inactivity does not stimulate a healthy appetite.

By stimulating an appetite the person will feel hungrier and feel more energetic.
It is not a good idea for an elderly person to lose too much weight due to being inactive which leads to a weak appetite.

Elderly people need to move around for good circulation, plus it feels good to move around and remain active while still being safe about your activities.

CB1 weight gainers ingredients are healthy just by themselves. The vitamins and minerals it contains have many health benefits.

Is CB1 Safe To Take If You Are Pregnant

A lot of women when they become pregnant experience morning sickness during the 2nd trimester. Morning sickness is a feeling of nausea which then leads to vomiting or throwing up. Because of morning sickness many women lose their appetite.

This is normal and there is nothing to worry about. But if during this time you want to increase your appetite in order to feel like eating then CB1 is safe to take. There is nothing unnatural contained in the ingredients. If you are still concerned then just ask your doctor and show your doctor the ingredients.

Unless you have any allergies related to the ingredients then everything should be fine.

Is CB1 Dangerous To Take If You Are On Medication

People take medications for a number of reasons such as cancer, HIV, and dementia. Many types of medications suppress the appetite which causes weight loss. Taking this supplement is safe to do will help to limit any weight you may be experiences if you are on a medication.

Having a stronger appetite during this time is very helpful. The food you eat will be able to absorb the medication you are on. It is not good for the body to be heavily medicated without enough food to balance things out.

Is CB1 Okay To Take With Other Weight Gain Supplements

Taking weight gain supplements like a powder with CB1 is a good idea. It will help you to increase the total amount of calories you consume per meal.

A good plan would be to take CB-1, wait 30 minutes for the supplement to be absorbed. Then you eat regular healthy food. After your meal you can prepare a weight gain powder drink which will increase your calories for that meal.

This way you are still eating regular food which is the healthiest way to gain weight plus you are increasing your calories with a supplement. This is important because the weight gain powder supplement is a supplement to the food you eat. It should not replace any food or meal.

So you may eat 2000 calories of food and feel full. But then you probably do have some room for a 500 calorie weight gain drink. This is an easy way to add more calories.

Is The CB1 Capsule Safe

The CB1 ingredients come in a pill form which is a gelatin capsule. Gelatin is a protein which is made from animal products. So this is safe for humans.

Gelatin capsules are used to contain dry powders, granules, and liquids. Capsules such as these are easy to store in a bottle and easy for people to handle.

Plus if some capsules fall on the floor and get dirty they will not go to waste. Because of the gelatin capsule you can rinse them off in the sink without effecting any of the ingredients inside.


Overall CB1 is safe as long as you follow the directions. It is made from all natural ingredients and can be used by people of all ages. You can use it if you are pregnant as well as if you are on some type of medication.