PVL Mutant Mass Review: Results Side Effects Ingredients 6.8kg

mutant massThere are two ways of gaining weight, generally speaking. One is the usual way of eating too much without any type of physical exertion at all. This is actually very common nowadays, so much so that health experts are calling obesity an epidemic.

It is most definitely unhealthy, and to make matters worse your social life suffers as well. Obesity and swimsuits do not really go together well, aesthetically speaking.

How Do You Really Build Muscles?

Then there is the weight gain associated with building muscles. You pack on the calories and use it up for energy when you lift weights, and then you use your protein consumption to build up bigger muscles.
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That’s how it actually works: when you exercise, you tear up your muscles and you build them up bigger as a result.

In muscle building, consuming massive amounts of calories means that the process actually comes in two phases. The first phase is when you bulk up, but that bulk is the result of bigger muscles, additional fat reserves, and perhaps some water retention. The next phase is about cutting off the excess weight so that only the muscles remain.

You need to remember that when you use the Mutant Mass protein supplement.

What You Need To Know.

The first things you need to take into account are the Mutant Mass nutrition facts. This is crucial, because you have to know exactly what you are consuming. There are 6 different flavors for the 6.8 kg version, and there are slight changes in the ingredients between the different flavors.

For example, in Triple Chocolate you get 580mg of sodium and 1070mg of potassium. But with Chocolate Hazelnut, you get 560mg of sodium and just 680mg of potassium.

Regardless of the flavor, you still get a massive 1060 calories, along with 52g of protein and 182g of carbohydrates. You also get 8g of fibers and 38g of sugars. It offers calcium and iron as well.

According to the directions, you need to put in 4 scoops of the stuff for a serving of 260g. The water may be half a liter to a liter. Some experts recommend that on a training day you take one in the morning and another right after your workout. On your rest days, you just enjoy the shakes anytime of the day you want.

What Are The Benefits To You?

About 90% of reviews for Mutant Mass 6.8kg are very positive, and there are many good reasons for that. The price, for example, is quite reasonable. But what is probably more important are the Mutant Mass results for most customers.

A typical PVL Mutant Mass review often offers a convincing testimonial regarding its effectiveness. Usually, the customer will mention the most important factor, which is that the before and after improvement is significant.

It’s common for a reviewer to say that they gained a couple of pounds a week. That’s a huge thing if you’re building muscles and you’re not just expanding your waistline.

When Should You Take It?

This supplement offers a more convenient way of ingesting nutrients (especially protein) than eating a huge steak.

You can drink it in the morning as suggested, or you can prepare a shake and then take sips throughout the day. The huge calorie offering ensures that you have enough calories in reserve for intense workout programs.

You will gain weight with weight gainer but your weightlifting program will determine how much of that weight is muscle and not fat.

Think of it this way: if you have trouble gaining weight, you need a lot more calories. That’s your only sensible option, because you can’t cut down on your workouts. The workout is what’s ensuring that your weight gain is muscle gain and not fat gain.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Of course, it’s not really a proper weight gainer review if the drawbacks are not mentioned, and with this product there are quite a few annoying problems to deal with.

For example, if you haven’t tried drinking a thousand-calorie drink before, then you’re in for a rude surprise. It’s not going to be easy at all. Even though solid food is much more filling, the fact of the matter is you’re going to feel full after this. Some people even find it difficult to drink a single serving spread out over a whole day.

You will also need a bit of effort to prepare it properly. Mixing in 4 scoops of the stuff in water doesn’t easily produce non-chunky drinks. Simply stirring the concoction won’t do. It may be more effective to just use a blender.

For some people, the 38g sugar content may make it seem as if the drink is very sweet. This can be a problem for some folks, as they may find it hard to finish the drink. Of course, others found the taste delicious.

Side Effects? Oh No!

There are no serious Mutant Mass side effects, per se. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some annoying consequences for you. For example, you may experience some bloating. It’s a thousand-calorie drink, so that’s to be expected. If it happens to you, then you may need to spread out the drink over the course of the day.

One customer mentioned that it also gave him rather serious gas problems. Not too many people mention this problem, but if it does happen to you then you’ll just have to bear it. Curiously, the customer who experienced this problem still gave it full marks.

It’s just a matter of perspective. These side effects are nothing compared to what you risk when you take anabolic steroids. It’s not perfect, but it won’t put you in a hospital either.

What is the Verdict?

So let’s summarize, shall we? What we have here is a drink that can easily qualify as a full meal, but it’s not designed to replace a meal. It’s still a supplement. It is truly not advisable to just drink this every day.

As such, you may have to space it out over a day. But if weight gain is your problem, then an extra thousand calories (or two) a day should solve it easily.